Particle Foam

From creative conception and prototypes to visionary products

About us

Game-Changing Pioneers

Core Competence

Schumpeter develops and distributes innovative product solutions made of particle foams.

We materialize solutions that ensure safety, conserve energy, and assure sustainability. To achieve this, we use particle foam and continue to develop our expertise in materials and processes. With an independent partner network, we work to implement products for our customers in a targeted manner from the conception phase to series production. Our innovative applications have technical advantages that influence ergonomic and aesthetic aspects.


We fill the gap between process technology and customer requirements.

To achieve the best possible result for our customers, we see ourselves as a bridge through the entire process. Together with our network of raw material suppliers, we evaluate and supervise all project phases of your high-quality products.

Extensive partner network

We have an extensive partner network in the areas of raw materials, toolmaking and production

Services & Applications

From Concept to Product


Our internal development and industrial design department guarantees a competent and professional support team for all of your projects from the very beginning.

Development and Prototyping

Together with us, you can create new and unique products. The functionality and innovation of your products are our primary focus.


Through our affiliated logistics center, we can provide you complete fulfillment solutions for your products.

Retail and Sales

We are happy to assist you in the distribution of your products. You can benefit from our strong and reliable sales channels to expand our mutual success.


Cargo Bikes

Schumpeter designs and develops complete solutions for cargo bike boxes.


Construction Materials

Particle foam is characterized by its exceptionally lightweight construction and shock absorption capabilities and it is becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector.



Whether it’s garden furniture, office furniture, or designer furniture, our particle foam has no limitations.
With sophisticated designs and capabilities, our particle foam is appealing to the furniture world.


Outdoor & Indoor

High-quality catering and recreational products reinvented.
We conceptualize and produce traditional products in new and innovative ways from particle foam.


Design, Simulation, Optimization

We have years of experience in the field of plastics and lightweight construction technology and can deliver your project on schedule to serial production.
Using state-of-the-art CAx techniques, we simulate and optimize your products before the first prototypes are manufactured. Realizing the various and rich advantages of particle foam we are able to meet the requirements of nearly any field of application.

Particle Foam
Tools and Process Technology
Testing Capacity



Through the use of innovative CAD systems, we design and develop products based on your concepts. This enables us to provide you with the latest updates and information on your project in 2D or 3D at any time.



With the use of the FEM (Finite-Element-Method) technology in the structural and deformation analysis of solids, we can explore various materials and are able to assign them to the optimal field of application.


Turning ideas into reality

Your individual requirements are in the best hands with us. We will be happy to advise you.
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